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The Little F**ker

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Expected release date is 28th Feb 2021


The Little F**ker (Same size as MiniMax BGE or Kamado Joe Junior) is for those nights when you just want to cook up a couple of steaks (4 ribeyes max).

The benefit of this 16 inch Kamado is that you require a fraction of the charcoal to run the BIG F**KER and in fact you can get this thing so much hotter as the grid is so close to the charcoal.

We regularly had our prototype runnning at over 700ºF or 375ºC. 

Included is a heat deflector, so you can also LowNSlow cook a brisket or pork butt for hours and hours. You can also throw on a few wood chips/chunks and smoke your meat. Its a fabulous allrounder.

Made from the same materials as the our flagship model, featuring a fibreglass gasket that you only find in more expensive models, this is a great addition to your garden, for those nights when you just can't be arsed to crank up the big one.

Avaialble in Matt Black and comes complete with

- Heat deflector, essential for low and slow cooks

- Cast Iron Griddle worth £48

- Rain Cover

- Ash removal tool

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